Smart Webinar covid-19: session and examples

Given the enormous success (more than 8000 bookings, 750 professionals involved and active) of our Smart Webinar Leansystem, we have decided to schedule a fourth week of appointments starting on April 14th, also expanding the topics covered, adding some sessions entirely dedicated to examples of lean transformation of production processes, product development, sales and deployment.

We continue to create opportunities for sharing and professional growth: to be ready for the challenges that will arise in the new post-emergency scenario. We always offer this initiative free of charge, we are convinced that the examples show us the way to go on the lean journey, and that it is the people who make the journey exciting!

Following numerous requests, we will also bring the testimony of Nicola Michelon, CEO of Unox, who in a webinar dedicated to the development of human resources in a lean transformation context will give the example of a real lean entrerprise.

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As during the first three weeks, these are the themes of the 6 modules:

  • Module “The principles of the lean system“: three training pills for those who want to approach the lean world from the basics
  • Module “Knowing, measuring, designing processes with the Lean System“: five sessions to deepen the knowledge on fundamental Techniques & Methods that are transversal and applicable to each process.
  • Module “Lean Transformation of Delivery Processes“: six sessions to deepen the lean techniques useful for those who work in Operations, Supply Chain and Process Engineering in the company.
  • Module “Lean Transformation of processes Development“: two sessions to learn about the guidelines and basic lean techniques useful to those who revolve around the world of Research & Development of products and processes.
  • Module “Lean Transformation of Demand processes“: two sessions to understand how the Lean System can also be implemented in intangible processes such as sales, and therefore aimed at those who work in the Commercial sector by role
  • Module “Lean Transformation of Deployment processes“: two sessions to deepen the knowledge on lean techniques to be used by those who manage organizations, define strategies and want to measure the performance of Value flows.

We then added, for the fourth week of the webinar, another 7 sessions by auxiell, 1 by euxilia, 1 by leanbit and a special session to be held by Nicola Michelon, CEO of Unox.

HERE THE PROGRAM (until April 24th)



And waiting for the end of the lockdown we have also decided to offer you the opportunity, after the knowledge and seeing, to make you do it consistently with our philosophy. In fact, we organize real workshops within the smart webinar path.

In the period 27-30 April you will have the opportunity to practice, within the walls of your home, in groups and individually, the practical application of lean system techniques and tools.

All obviously with the guidance and remote support of auxiell and euxilia experts through a format that provides the possibility of combining practical training with fun challenges.

It will be a way to be even more ready and motivated when we return to the factory and office.


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