Book: “The Lean Book”

“The lean book. How to create effective and efficient processes in every organisation”.

On November 12th it will be available in all the best bookshops “The Lean Book” by Riccardo Pavanato, CEO of auxiell, published by Guerini NEXT. A lean book that explains simply and with many examples the management system capable of making organisations’ processes efficient and effective, focusing them on customer value and not just on cost reduction.

On November 12th, the book “The lean book. How to create effective and efficient processes in every organisation”, will be published. The book explores the principles of the lean system, techniques and practical applications in companies in many sectors.

This book aims to make life easier for the most experienced and to bring the fundamentals of the lean system and lean thinking closer to those who are entering this world for the first time. A text that also reflects lean thinking in its structure, thanks to the presence of self-analysis tools and practical examples.

“This ‘little book’ indicates a main road in facing business problems: that of the scientific method”: as written by Arnaldo Camuffo, Full Professor in the Department of Management and Technology at Bocconi University, the intent of this volume is to support real transformations, starting from the knowledge and internalisation of fundamental principles, necessary for continuous improvement.

Riccardo Pavanato is Partner and CEO of auxiell. A graduate in Management Engineering, trainer, and key-note speaker, he promotes a systemic approach to Lean Transformation, working as coordinator of teams and transformation projects in companies of all sizes and sectors.