For years, the SAN MARCO GROUP has been involved in a lean transformation that has given result after result, is positively impacting each commercial area.

The R&D laboratory also wanted to experience the benefits of the 5S technique, with a theoretical and (especially) practical workshop that, through games and simulations, led to a large-scale operational site.

With the total collaboration of the entire team, visual management solutions have been developed for numerous raw materials that characterize chemical laboratories and have been standardized to maintain order, which was what was recognized as their main weakness.

The 5´s technique was received in a very positive way in the team, so much so that it was immediately extended to another area, all this was achieved with the accompaniment of auxiell ®.

Leading by example!


San Marco Group è azienda leader in Italia nella produzione di pitture e vernici per l’edilizia professionale. Nata nel 1937 a Treviso, vanta oggi 9 siti produttivi/commerciali e commerciali in diversi Paesi del mondo e conta un portafoglio di 6 marchi.