MHT is a Friulana subcontractor in the field of metal processing thanks to a fleet of machines capable of satisfying the most varied needs.

The complexity

When Gianfranco Ruffati met Roberto Badin in Smartech, he had no more doubts, and thus began the path of lean transformation of MHT. Complexity is a difficult factor to eliminate in a company with these characteristics: very important precise machinery that lends itself to the concept of linear and visible flow, with work cycles that vary from one product to another, subcontracting of surface treatments, special processes.

In more customers that require increasingly shorter delivery times, increasing accuracy and increasing service levels. The transformation route has begun in the productive logistics processes, which will have a great impact on the configuration of all the machines, now it is constantly reduced autonomously thanks to the assimilation of the SMED technique.

The second process transformed was to develop new products, reducing the response to the market by more than 50%.

The way

Today, the company has adopted a quality system consistent with the principles, techniques and tools of the Lean system, and has been certified in ISO 9001: 2015.

In 2018, the strategic implementation processes began to be transformed, using Hoshin Kanri and the A3X tool, with the precise intention of holding the different owners of the process accountable through catchball.

In 2020, the challenge will be to transform sales processes, thus completing the first step to transform the 4D (delivery-development-implementation-demand) of its complete lean transformation, a journey throughout corporate life.

However, the real strength of MHT lies in the application of the sixth principle of the lean system: to everyone┬┤s involve at the center of the processes, hold them accountable and support them in daily difficulties, without disrespect. In MHT, in fact, it has become standard (and, therefore, formalized in their own system) for asking questions and guiding people in search of a better understanding of the gemba with an approach.