LURISIA is a hydrothermal institute that produces soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and natural and mineral water.

The history of Lurisia is fully linked to that of the homonymous thermal establishment famous for its micro-radioactive water, studied by doctors and scientists who went down in history as Marie Curie.

The territory

The company has always been linked to the territory and tradition, and the proof is that it has managed to create a perfect combination between these elements and the business; which has allowed to win the “Champions” prize recognizing as one of the 500 best small and medium Italian companies, received in 2018 & 2019.

The challenge

However, the challenge that the company was willing to assume is to continue growing while maintaining its essence and linked to its territory. This is how accompanied with auxiell® starting in 2017, a study to analyze and redesign subsequently their logistics processes. This analysis has allowed us to highlight the wide margins of improvement in the management of existing products, in a characterized context, as is generally the mineral water sector, due to the high seasonality and the extremely fast response times required by customers.

Some preliminary interventions have been identified to create a more agile and flexible production process that can maintain a growth rate without intervening and imposing excessive burdens on the fixed assets of its legacy.

The construction of the SMED technique began to reduce the time the format change of the line, of two bottling lines, backed by constant performance measurement and problem-solving activities. The results obtained in the first phase of implementation showed a reduction in the times of change of format of 65%, with a potential of recovery of the capacity of production of 8% and a potential reduction in the implementation in the warehouse of 25% .