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One of the lean manager’s responsibilities is to be the example in embracing and enforcing the continuous improvement process, choosing to face the problems whenever any obstacle arises. 

During lean transformation processes, it could be difficult for people to welcome the change, because they prefer to keep working as they are used to. That is when the lean manager come into play: he or she must give their co-worker something to believe, in order to engage them in the continuous improvement process. The lean managers of MHT – Meccanica Hi TechMitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems and Serr.all. Industria Serramenti are perfect examples. 

Lean managers encourage the inclination of people towards the changethey must be able to give a method that supports the whole team in reaching resultsTo achieve this goal, they must be technically prepared, be self-critical and accept the errors to learn from themto reach the final target. 

Often, the toughest difficulties hide the greatest satisfactions. Thanks to the ability to see the target behind the obstacle, leading the whole team with them, Elisa QuattrinMattia Guida and Massimiliano Sartor became our example of lean managers.