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When all the people of an organization are engaged in the change, it can bring great improvements in many functional areas.
Marcolin Covering is an example of this led by female management.

The experience with soft skills of the entrepreneur and the women in strategic roles of the company has been the key for astonishing results from the lean transformation of Marcolin Covering, a company that for 50 years has been committed to fulfilling all the needs of PVC coverings, sales, and rentals of marquees for events.

After a period in which the turnover growth, that brought along problems in many functional areas, when the company had to design the layout for a new production plant, it was clear that the organization needed to reorganize the production and other processes applying the lean system. The entrepreneur’s deep comprehension of the necessity to engage all the people in the transformation has been crucial to making it effective.

Thanks to the involvement of all the organization members, the lean journey of this company, where many key roles are fulfilled by women, is an example of lean transformation led by female leadership.