FILA SOLUTIONS has been producing and distributing professional cleaning and surface protection products all over the world for 40 years.

It was founded in 1943 initially to supply shoe polishes and household detergents, also chosen by the Italian army for its grease based on high quality natural waxes. In the 1970s, taking advantage of market developments and latent needs that were not satisfied, the company evolved into the production of professional surface care products, starting with terracotta and then, thanks to its investments in research and development of all floor and wall coverings.

The journey

In 2018, the group of family management of the company participated in the Lean Japan Study Tour led by CUOA with the participation of auxiell® and in its experience, it became aware of the need for an evolution to keep up with the demand of the increasingly demanding global market.

At the beginning of 2019, an integral process of the complete Lean transformation began, starting with its delivery process, with a strategic transformation program for all the company’s processes.

The projects

Currently, the company is committed in two objectives: the stabilization and reduction of line format change times, recording excellent results after one month of starting the project having reduced the time required to make a format change of the 66% with additional product margins improved yet to achieved. The result was achieved thanks to the total participation of all line operators and the strong commitment of logistics and operations managers.

A second and challenging construction line is underway to redesign all internal logistics flows to ensure a better level of customer service with a reduction and coherency of warehouse stocks: the potential for improvement is important given that the company aims to reduce the space occupied by the raw material by 30% thanks to the use of pull system management and the complete redesign of the warehouse layout.