FAST FREIGHT MARCONI is a subsidiary of Bologna airport, is the reference freight operator at Bologna airport.

Established in 2009 due to the need to update and modernize the cargo service, it has become a benchmark for cargo handling at Bologna airport due to its professionalism and reliability.

The Marconi freight service offers all the support for the management of air freight documentation in accordance with legal compliance, customs regulations and operational protocols. At the Bologna airport there is a 5,000 m2 warehouse dedicated to the storage and handling of imports and exports of any type of material with equipment for storing perishable material and transporting live animals.

In recent years, airports and airport operators have had to face an increase in restrictions on the security of goods, in this sense FFM is constantly improving its management processes that have obtained the ENAC certification (Ente Nazionale Aviazione as “Regulatory agent”) capable of guaranteeing the complete safety of all operational flows from acceptance to shipment in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Within its improvement process, FFM has worked with auxiell® to make their processes more efficient and effective.

The study of a new design, the definition and the introduction of KPI in the processes has allowed an increase in the storage space and a greater control of the performance, increasing the level of service offered.