ELECTROLUX is a global company founded in Sweden in 1919 with the goal of simplifying all aspects of everyday life with innovative appliances.

The company is based on Swedish values ​​and with a sustainable relationship with nature and this is reflected in all their activities. Electrolux designs and manufactures appliances, care of our planet first for future generations.

Started 100 years ago selling a single model of vacuum cleaner, now the group is made up of more than 20 production plants in Europe and it found as one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances and has approximately ¼ of the world market.

At the Italian factory in Porcia, an important part of Electrolux’s worldwide design is present beyond production.

Within a global plan for the design of a new platform for apparel washing apparatuses, the collaboration with auxiell® was born, which led to the measurement analysis and improvement of the product development process. The shared use of a scientific method and visual management techniques has brought important results of simplification, effectiveness and efficiency in design activities.