Founded in 1972 as a SME (small and medium enterprises) company with the idea of ​​its founder and current president, Claudio Pancolini, CIB Unigas has managed to settle, in the last 45 years as one of the most active companies in the field of design, production and marketing of burners for residential and industrial use, from 20 kW to 80,000kW, working with any type of fuel, liquid or gas.

The company is an example in the simplified reorganization of processes with the objective of simplifying and bringing flexibility to each commercial function to be increasingly competitive and to be at the vanguard innovation.

The innovative and technological capacity acquired and linked to a know-how able to guarantee a solid development and still alive, has allowed CIB Unigas to position itself in the last 15 years among the most important productive realities of the sector. The strength of CIB Unigas is the ability to express formidable operational agility, being able to satisfy any personalized commission, in surprisingly competitive times and costs. The accompaniment with auxiell® has a goal to exalt these qualities while maintaining a low-cost impact through a constant process improvement.

The adoption of the Lean system has become necessary given to the constant growth of the company over the years, this has also been accelerated by the conquest of new markets. Based on specific improvements, the company set down to have a complete lean transformation in all its processes.