Great Place to Work

auxiell: Great Place To Work® Certified

Credibility, respect, pride, and cohesion

auxiell has been awarded as a quality working environment in Italy. The prestigious certification was awarded by Great Place to Work, an international company specialising in business climate analysis, improvement, and employer branding. This year the survey involved 60 thousand employees from companies throughout Italy, interviewed to draw up the ranking based on their responses.

The survey promoted by Great Place to Work measured the level of trust in the company through 5 dimensions: credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and cohesion, and auxiell won a very high score. In fact, 97% of the company’s employees said they were proud to say that they work for auxiell, 100% said that at auxiell people are very responsible and ready to give something more to get the job done. Overall, 91% of employees believe that the company is “an excellent working environment”, calling it a reality where there is maximum credibility and cohesion.

Credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and cohesion are the same corporate values that auxiell has adopted through a series of activities designed to improve the working environment. Such as the “Company Well Being Day”, during which all employees share an experience together, such as a day on a sailing boat in the Venice lagoon, or a safe driving course in the Misano circuit. Or like the “Wine for Why”, in which we toast the achievement of important goals with a wine that has a special meaning for those who are celebrated. And then there are the company’s important guest updates, training courses, health insurance for all employees, and the dedicated mentor who supports the company’s growth path.

“We are very pleased with this award because it rewards our efforts to put people, their needs and their balance at the centre,” comments Riccardo Pavanato, CEO of auxiell. “We make sure that our employees are in complete harmony with the company culture, that they are able to develop genuine relationships with each other and that they are proud to work for us. As management we are constantly committed to leading the company by example, which is our corporate philosophy”.