auxiell® and Gellify invest in Techmass

auxiell® and GELLIFY as a partners invest in Techmass, the start up that revolutionizes manufacturing measurement processes from the perspective of Industry 4.0. Techmass was founded in Italy in 2017 by the engineer from Padua, Italy; Andrea Massenz, with a carrer that began in the USA and from there continued his course in Germany, devised an innovative digital platform to monitor and optimize manufacturing capable of leading manufacturing companies, towards efficiency and waste reduction in one step gradual, in accordance with the principles of LEAN thinking.

The capital increase has been signed by GELLIFY through the GELLIFY Digital Investment holding company together with the auxiell® Lean transformation company. auxiell® helps companies increase their performance and profitability, eliminating waste in all processes, transforming them into LEAN companies in which the products and services offered flow through efficient and effective processes. At the same time as aucap, the H-FARM innovation platform exercised its option right by acquiring 3% of TechMass, in accordance with a convertible bond contract signed with the start up during the acceleration program, Industry 4.0. The last one was created in collaboration with Cisco and dedicated to the development of innovative projects in the key areas of Industry 4.0.

The TechMass platform was called “Paul” to remember the octopus that guessed the results at the 2010 World Cup. It was conceived following three key principles:

  • Immediacy of the application,
  • Team Participation
  • Knowledge transfer

Developed in accordance with the most actual technologies (Internet of things, that is, “IoT”, cloud, artificial intelligence, mobile applications, connected devices, etc.), which allows almost immediate and literally plug & play project activation and has an application for support the activity of operators The system provides manufacturing companies, beyond the maturity of the organization and technology, a simple but extremely powerful tool to manage current and future challenges, such as productivity, quality and flexibility.

On the occasion of the capital increase, TechMass enters the gelation program, a patented GELLIFY model that in 6-24 months impacts in all areas of the company, in structuring processes and integrating the powers of this Start up. This model aims to fill the gaps of new companies, which often represent barriers to future investments and projects with consolidated companies.

“The mission of Techmass is to help manufacturing companies remain competitive in an increasingly complex market, making all the tools and technologies available to position themselves in the markets today and help them overcome the challenges of the digital transformation in a simple and effective way ”. (Andrea Massenz, CEO and founder of TechMass).