• 1 Customer value
  • 2 Value stream
  • 3 Waste elimination
  • 4 Connection to demand
  • 5 Continuous improvement
  • 6 Engaging everyone
  • 7 Strategic system
  • Is it clear who are the customers (direct and end-users) of the business processes?

    In terms of QCT, is Value defined for the customers of the business processes?

    Is the value provided by the processes consistent with the value required by the customers in terms of QCT?

  • Is the business organized by processes or functions?

    Is process flow defined, shared and applied by everyone?

  • Is the company able to see the waste of its processes?

    Is the company able to measure the identified wastes?

    Is the company able to eliminate the identified and measured waste with a scientific approach?

  • Are business processes designed starting from the demand?

    Within business processes, the customer demand is transmitted upstream in an optimal way?

    Are the decoupling points within the processes correctly positioned?

    How are the necessary materials managed?

  • Are processes performances measured?

    Are there any improvement activities?

    Are the improvement activities coordinated according to the SPDCA approach?

  • Are process resources engaged in process improvement activities?

    Is visual management applied to engage all the resources?

    Is there a structured communication process for the improvement activities towards the resources of the organization?

  • Is the company strategy defined?

    Is there alignment between business strategy and improvement projects?

    Does the company involve its resources in defining the action plan to be implemented for achieving the defined strategy?


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