UNOX – High, chef-tested technology

FOCUS magazine tells the success story of auxiell’s customer and partner Unox, managing to reveal the secret ingredients that revolutionised the company and its journey to the world’s leading manufacturer of professional ovens.
Over the years of the recent crisis, the company’s turnover more than doubled thanks also to the deeper meaning behind the slogan standing at the base of the company’s philosophy – inventive simplification – two words that define the continuous search for simple solutions to complex problems.
Another element that accelerated the growth in Unox, explains CEO Nicola Michelon, was the lean methodology introduced in 2004.
After extending the lean method full circle, today Unox can assemble and deliver an oven to any continent in just 3 days from the order: a study case.
The internal team engaged in UNOX’s lean transformation was auxiell’s founding team, which is now an independent consultancy company operating in this field for other companies.


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