Lean Japan Study Tour

Back in its 7th edition, LEAN JAPAN STUDY TOUR is a study and training program that starts from the origins of TPS and becomes a powerful injection of awareness for those who want to boost the implementation of the lean system in their organization.

Why make this investment?

• To reach full awareness of the lean system’s effectiveness

• To improve your driving force in lean transformation projects

• To be effective in conveying positive power to your improvement teams
Study path extras

• Ability to engage with other entrepreneurs, managers and consultants in a structured manner, far away from everyday life

• Ability to interact with management systems and Japanese managers

• Receive training on waste reduction techniques by former Toyota manager and current trainer with over 40 years of experience in production and logistic processes

• Ability to appreciate aspects of Japanese culture, history, and behaviours that can be observed both inside and outside companies with the support of an expert who stimulates and promotes the interaction between participants and different realities encountered

• Lean Expert Support in contextualising what you saw/ learned within your own business context.
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