Zoppas Industries

This multinational company is an example of how an improvement team can be structured for operating at an international level in order to simplify processes and implement lean in every department.
Zoppas Industries Heating Elements Technologies is a leader company, in the design and manufacture of heating elements and systems, operating in various sectors around the world. Its market leadership is maintained through constant research and development in order to always provide technologically advanced products, and also through the continuous improvement of its processes. Its partnership with auxiell helped obtaining a great number of results within all business processes.
Project development…
The identity of the Italian headquarters is maintained in all its foreign plants through the export of the improvement processes led by the Zoppas lean system and the Corporate lean team. The example of the Zoppas Industries case study, in addition to creating significant performance results in process improvements, creates and guides improvement teams at an international level, breaking down cultural differences encountered when operating on different continents.
European, Asian and American facilities are geographically distant, but close in their improvement plans by using consolidated principles, techniques and tools.