Lean System for simplifying management, increasing Value for customers and improving performance.
Dualinox is a company located in northeastern Italy, recognised for the ability to understand and meet the customers’ real needs with a mixture of knowledge, technical skills, and breakthrough technologies for cold processing metal industry, assembly processes and by creating flexible semi-finished goods.
Dualinox is able to deliver small batches of products with order processing times close to mere tens of hours.
Dualinox decided to undertake the path of the lean transformation when the entrepreneur, aware of having built the organization around a few high level professional figures, with determination, energy and motivation (including himself!) understood the lean system had the necessary elements to help his company move forward, going beyond the first goal – Revenue – towards the next phase – Growth.
If relying on a few high – level managers had been considered as Strength in the first stage of life, time revealed this was also the reason for slowing down its evolution. With auxiell, Dualinox has created the condition for redesigning its delivery, demand and development processes, and consequently providing to the process-owners the opportunity to improve themselves and subsequently the business processes. Being able to move from “function” logic to “process” logic is the example that must be extended to all business processes.