Costantin Innovation

Costantin Innovation was founded in 2007, carrying on the activities of Costantin Giannino Srl and therefore associating the continuity of established, long-term technical and manufacturing experience to a new, young and innovative board team in its structure and ideas. It reasons like a major company while maintaining the flexibility of a small one.
The differentiating value of Costantin Innovation is the ability to meet the needs of its customers and turn them first into projects and afterwards in unique machinery able to satisfy those needs in very short lead times and quality without compromise.
The combination of high level skills, creativity and robust processes makes Costantin Innovation stand out through a comaker ship process based on the trust placed in the hands and heads of its talented team by their own customers.
Costantin Innovation’s lean journey had its kick-off when the owner decided to invest a good part of its resources in the creation of production process standards. This choice came at a time when the awareness of providing unique and complex products required the existence of flowing processes, and in the same time stable and fast.
For Costantin Innovation, the auxiell team was like the engine starter of a car with a tank full of gas and a long way to go.
In fact, this key only had to be turned on a few times through lean projects and on-the-job training to start the engine of continuous improvement, ongoing today with a pipeline full of innovative ideas and the energy of the entire team involved, which is the only necessary fuel.
The speed with which many lean techniques found their application in Costantin Innovation is the absolute element to be considered an example from this sparkling Italian company.