Cartotecnica Postumia

This company has been a leader of the paper bag industry for stores and food packaging industry for 50 years.
The ability to meet the requests of an increasingly demanding market for fast deliveries of small batches, while maintaining the same price and quality, highlighted the company’s organizational limits and its need to carry out a thorough review of its entire management system.
After an initial experimental phase creating standards mainly in production, the company’s ownership and top management developed an awareness of the importance of profoundly intervening on both value-generation processes and its employees.
All the internal processes starting with setup, printing, packaging and order management up to the generation of an offer are currently undergoing a deep transformation in full adherence and coherence with the lean system.
More than 80% of the employees at Cartotecnica Postumia have been involved in lean principles and techniques training. In the last year alone, over 2600 hours of classroom sessions and operational workshops have been invested in.
A coaching and meta-coaching plan, initially addressed to the front line resources involved in the complete lean transformation process, is at the starting point.
Enthusiasm, commitment, positive tension and people who have become an example for others. This is the atmosphere at Cartotecnica Postumia.