IMESA is a leading company in the Italian market if we talk about manufacturing machines and complete laundry systems, which has been operating since 1968. The company designs and builds the widest range of washing, drying and ironing machines. Produced by an Italian manufacturer, which offers cutting-edge solutions of high technology and quality around the world.

The opportunity to improve

In mid-2018, Senior Management move towards to the journey of the complete LEAN transformation with the accompaniment of auxiell®, deciding to focus the activities immediately, with future vision and high motivation, as well as in the delivery process, even in the development process.

The strong competition in the market, nowadays  also distinguishes the sector of professional washing machines, requires a development process that is able to identify and anticipate customer needs and be able to meet them in their entirety and in increasingly shorter times, eliminating waste in all the phases totally. To be successful, a radical cultural change inside the organization is necessary: ​​the value for the client, created by this process, is not only formed by the designs, but by the design of the entire value flow, so that it is profitable. In fact, it is shown that up to 80% of the total costs of the future product is a direct consequence of the decisions taken in these fundamental phases. So, how to manage the wealth of know-how, traditionally widespread among resources and always at risk of getting lost?

We accept the challenges

The team immediately accepts these challenges with great enthusiasm, backed by confidence in the potential of the lean system, and throws body and soul into the transformation of the process, making its own lean principles and personally contributing to the creation of work tools based on your own needs with the accompaniment of auxiell®.

The development of robust standards, based on the scientific method, visual planning with the deployment of design activities, the use of lean design techniques, are giving remarkable results in terms of simplification, stabilization and reduction of delivery time, reduction of waste, increase of the right first time. This, combined with the creation of a knowledge database available to all and the dissemination of a culture of continuous improvement, is leading the team to create an example that can easily be defined as rare in the industrial landscape.