auxiell lean system @ healthcare

The first phase of the lean transformation project of the processes of San Antonio Hospital in San Daniele del Friuli (UD), within the context of ASS4 Medio Friuli, has come to a successful conclusion.
The auxiell lean system has been adopted in the healthcare sector for the first time.
The project team, coordinated by Dr David Turello and consisting of auxiell consultants, CLEC – CUOA Lean Enterprise Center professionals and the hospital’s top management, used the lean system in the design phase and also for training, workshop management and strategic planning.
Three areas of improvement have already been launched with a pure lean perspective:
– connecting the daily need of medical resources, nurses and operators to the effective demand for care and treatment of patients at all times;
– putting all of the necessary information, medicines and medical personnel close to the bed of each patient under care;
– putting the patient at the centre of the Emergency Room management process in order to replace the incorrect technique of triage, thus aligning the cycle time to the takt time.
The extension of the lean transformation to other areas (such as surgery, neurology and oncology) will result in the forthcoming opening of additional projects.
For more info, we recommend reading the excellent article written by Dr Turello himself and published on the CUOA website.


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