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Unox is universally recognized not only as a leader in the production and sale of professional ovens with related services, but also as an excellent example of lean enterprise.

The lean transformation of Unox is extended to all levels, and to all the processes: not only that such cases of complete assimilation of the lean system fundamentals are rare, but also of application of techniques and adoption of down-sized tools on the specifics of the company.

Most part of the credit of the lean transformation – or at least its launch – must be acknowledge to the enlightened President of Unox, Enrico Franzolin, who not only had the desire and the strength to change his company before it needed it, but also because he made himself the sensei by thoroughly understanding the essence of the lean system.

For this reason, Unox and Franzolin (who is also the creator of inventive simplification, an innovative methodology for the development of products and components) are to be considered examples. This is why we decided to dedicate to Enrico Franzolin the first video of the series “Leaders by example “, describing this great businessman – and inventor – by the collaborators who accompanied him and accompany him daily along the way to Unox’s success.