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Cartotecnica Postumia is a company that exists to take care of the identity of its customers through design, printing and manufacturing of paper packaging for food and shopping bags for the retail sector. Founded in 1967, it has always been run by the Gava family – initially by the founder Ettore, then by Gabriele and today by Pierluigi, the current CEO.

The awareness that the organisational model was no longer suited to the market demands has generated in Pierluigi Gava the need to look for alternatives that have taken the form of self-training and the application of lean tools. At the end of this first phase, punctual improvements were perceived but at the same time were not significant and, above all, were not supported by employees in the factory.

Tools and techniques were no longer sufficient. It was necessary to intervene at a systemic level by sharing lean principles and ensuring that they were understood and assimilated by all employees; this was the essential poka-yoke to guarantee effective change.

In this phase, considerable resources were invested in the lean culture project made up of training modules, workshops and coaching sessions aimed at process transformation. A team was given structure through a process of aggregation and “distillation” which is now underway and in continuous improvement.

Today, dozens of improvement projects are constantly initiated and carried out simultaneously in each process with the support of the scientific method, motivation and lean skills that the team itself is increasingly mastering.

In the third video of the “Leaders by Example” series, the team members tell themselves and share with us the difficulties, the results achieved and the benefits they are perceiving not only through their daily work but – and above all – in perspective.

The synergy created within the team is the distinctive element that has allowed Cartotecnica Postumia to be a unique example of the dynamism of a complete lean transformation program. Congratulations!