leaders by example


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Smartech Italia is an SME that, at the behest of its Chairman Roberto Badin, was founded with the prerequisites of total transparency, to the point that from the outset it was one of the smallest but most solid S.p.A. in the northeast.

In 2013 Smartech Italia begins its lean journey after the entrepreneur, aware of the need to change the organizational system, enrolls in a training course on lean system issues and understands how the principle of giving value to customers is perfectly in line with what has always distinguished it. The elimination of waste in order to continuously improve flows by involving all people inside and outside the company has been and is a natural consequence for Roberto Badin.

In the second video in the “Leaders by Example” series, other entrepreneurs involved in Complete Lean Transformation highlight Roberto’s unique characteristics and how, with humility, a strong practical sense and a constant focus on putting himself at stake, he has managed to make his industrial reality reach very high levels of performance, and has therefore been a true example to them.