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GLS is not “just” an express courier: it is the partner to which thousands of companies of all sizes and product sectors entrust their products and to which many private citizens think when they have to send or receive any type of item.

Often we don’t think about it, but many modern business models (from the large-scale e-commerce giants to those that see craft businesses reaching new customers in every corner of Italy and Europe) are based on the possibility of distributing the most varied goods efficiently, at a competitive cost, quickly and – above all – reliably.

It is a complex and challenging job, in which processes play a fundamental role. This is why GLS Enterprise has embarked on a deep and sometimes radical path of Complete Lean Transformation, questioning established (and often working!) practices in search of continuous improvement and value for the customer.

GLS Enterprise is, however, by its very nature, a company “distributed” throughout the territory, with branches and distribution centres located in a vast area; the challenge of involving everyone proved to be particularly difficult, and was won with an innovative approach based also on workshops in the genba co-participated by colleagues from different locations, who had the opportunity to learn, confront each other and influence each other positively.

The contribution of GLS Enterprise management – the glue and guide in this lean journey – was fundamental: for this reason we wanted to tell in this video of the “Leaders by Example” series, dedicated to the managers of this incredible company. Real examples!