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The generational changeover is often a critical moment for companies, especially because – more and more frequently – more than a changeover it is a coexistence that can last several years and that, due to differences in views, experiences and perspectives, leads to conflicts that are also incurable.

Not in De Robert Calzature: in the historic company in the equally historic district of the Riviera del Brenta – where an impressive percentage of the total production of the world’s leading luxury brands is produced – the changeover between the new generation and the seniors, as they call them, has taken place in a virtuous way; not always easy, certainly also through some conflict, but overall a total success.

All through a lean transformation, a change of business model, the construction of a new prestigious headquarters, and an impressive increase in turnover and margins.

Could we therefore not consider De Robert and the Badon family a real example from which to draw inspiration?